måndag, april 30, 2007

Oh yeah? Well me I gave up working a long time ago.

Don't give up Stinky, my dad says, if you never give up and work hard all your dreams will come true.

Thats the gayest shit I've ever heard

I don't believe your pappy
He may be rich, but he ain't happy
Tells you 'bout work and you want to be him
But when was the last time you got to see him
He works hard, why?
So you can go out and buy
A bunch a shit that you don't need
Driven by your punk ass hopes and greed
Thats why I said
Fuck it!
For the first time in my life
I'm finally free
No mansion for me
I said fuck it
No brand new Humvee
I said fuck it

But you'll get no pussy

Fuck it!
What you don't understand
Is I make love to my hand
So i don't need you honey
I beat my dick like it owes me money

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