måndag, december 14, 2009

Ever OSL 2009 Round of 8 preview

The OSL round of 8 matchups, my favorites in bold:

Day 1 - December 18
Jaedong vs. Flash - 1set - Fighting Spirit
Calm vs. Pure - 1set - Eye of the Storm
ZerO vs. Movie - 1set - New Heartbreak Ridge
Stork vs. Shine - 1set - El Nino

Day 2 - December 25th
Jaedong vs. Flash - 2set - New Heartbreak Ridge
Jaedong vs. Flash - 3set - Eye of the Storm

Calm vs. Pure - 2set - El Nino
Calm vs. Pure - 3set - Fighting Spirit

ZerO vs. Movie - 2set - Eye of the Storm
ZerO vs. Movie - 3set - El Nino

vs. Shine - 2set - Fighting Spirit
Stork vs. Shine - 3set - New Heartbreak Ridge

omg omg omg, Flash vs. Jaedong already? Damn!
Well, Im gonna have to go with FORK POWER! on this one, hoping for a Flash vs. Stork OSL-final, with Stork as the winner. Jaedong can go and win in the MSL instead.
Although, Jaedong winning 3 straight OSLs would be crazy, ARGH, I dont know who to root for!
I will be rooting for Pure and Movie though, yay protoss. And I like both of their play, especially versus Zerg. But ZerO is probably gonna beat Movie, Pure has a good chance against Calm though. Or, so I think. Maybe not, Calm can play very very well.

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