söndag, mars 14, 2010

Starcraft 2, impressions so far part 1, the micro-discussion...

So, the Starcraft 2 Beta has been out for quite some time. I haven't tried it myself but I have watched quite a few replays and read quite a bit about it and there are a few things that bugs me, a few things that astound me and a few things that just is.

First of all, one thing that really bugs me is reading about Starcraft 1 fans talking about some of Starcraft 2s mechanics as being "dumbed down" and stuff like that. I just cant grasp that perspective, one must be completely wrapped up in one line of thought to even remotely consider the phrasing "dumbed down" in alot of those instances, for example unit pathing. Starcraft 2 is not dumbed down because they have improved and fixed things that were off in Starcraft 1. They didnt make Starcraft 1 and meant to have horrible unit pathing. It just turned out that way. When they rebuilt the engine, as it was first based on the Warcraft 2 engine which people did not like as it just felt like Warcraft in space they didnt have all that much time on their hands to rebuild the whole thing and that is why the unit pathing is so bad in Starcraft, I think. I dont know, Im just speculating. But it seems reasonable and it fits very well with the things I do know.
Do people really think that they meant the unit pathing to be so bad in Starcraft 1? That when you take a unit and click on a place for it to go and it doesnt go there, they meant for it to do that? They meant for it not to go where you clicked? No, it was bad pathing and they didnt have time to fix it properly. As it turned out though, this, amongst many other things, made the game excellent as an e-sport. It required micro in a way that I've never seen.
But should that be the basis for creating Starcraft 2? Is it dumbing down the game to have the units behave in a way you want them to? Should they make the units not go where you want them to go and spazz out because they cant find the right way to go and stuff like that just to make it more competitive?
Of course not is my opinion and it shocks me that so many people seem to have another opinion on the matter.
People need to let Starcraft 1 go a little and view Starcraft 2 from another perspective. Try to look for new things to make it competative instead of complaining about it not being like Starcraft 1.
Yes, the micro aspect of the game is really lacking in the most of the games I've seen and I do miss that. But the solution for increasing the importance of micro should not be to make the game worse when it comes to control and make it more like it used to be. It should be to look forward and look for other things.
And people also seem so fast to jump the gun on things here, the Starcraft 2 beta has been out less then a month and it took Starcraft years to really give us what people are saying that Starcraft 2 lacks.

The impressiveness of 10 ghosts lockdowning 10 Battlecrusiers in 2.3 seconds is not something that is as impressive in Starcraft 2 because we have better control in Starcraft 2. But should the solution to that be making the controls worse? No, the solution for me is really very simple, I watch Starcraft 1 for that. We already have that. Why would we need another? Starcraft 1 is pretty much perfect for that already.
The worst thing they could do is try to duplicate Starcraft 1 to much. They need to make Starcraft 2 its own, and they have.
And people who complain should be looking forward when they find something they dont like, instead of complaining about the control being to good and the units actually doing what you want them to do, speculate about new ideas, new things, new ways to increase the range of skill in the game and the micro battles...