torsdag, november 12, 2009

Dating personality profile

Är jag så här lättsammanfattad? :)

You matched the following traits:
Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views. You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.
Big-Hearted - You are a kind and caring person. Your warmth is inviting, and your heart is a wellspring of love.
Sensual - You are not particularly shy when it comes to your sexuality. You know what you like and do not feel inhibited.

Your Top Ten Traits

1. Liberal
2. Big-Hearted
3. Sensual
4. Practical
5. Shy
6. Adventurous
7. Romantic
8. Intellectual
9. Funny
10. Wealthy/Ambitious

You match with women who have following traits:
Liberal - You need a person who has liberal opinions and beliefs. You are engaged by political discussions and would find a liberal viewpoint refreshing in a date.
Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart. Flashy, materialistic people turn you off. You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Intellectual - You seek out intelligence. Idle chit-chat is not what you are after. You prefer your date who can stimulate your mind.

Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Liberal
2. Practical
3. Intellectual
4. Shy
5. Sensual
6. Adventurous
7. Big-Hearted
8. Athletic
9. Romantic
10. Wealthy/Ambitious

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